Balancing the network and improving efficiency

Climate change and improvements in technology are transforming the world’s energy systems. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the rise of renewable electricity generation.

2019 was the first year since the Industrial Revolution that the UK generated more electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuel. A new record was set when the country ran for 18 days without using any coal for power generation.

These positive developments bring new challenges for the electricity network. Wind and solar power technologies are intermittent, only generating when the wind blows or the sun shines, which means that National Grid has a more complicated job of balancing electricity supply and demand in order to keep the nation’s lights on.

Grid-scale battery storage projects are one of the few technologies that provide a way to smooth these peaks and troughs on the power network and help create a more robust grid and electricity supply.

GridCodePower has developed a carefully-sited portfolio of automated electricity storage facilities based on lithium-ion battery technology. These help the UK to keep up its momentum in installing new renewable generation and moving towards a net-zero world.